Terms and definitions



1. Technical support:


1.1 Technical support operator carries out management and control of technical equipment and system software operator, ensures the provision of adequate service to the subscriber within the limits specified in the Contract.

1.2 The operator undertakes to provide services to the subscriber technical support around the clock via e-mail admin@cloudavt.com

1.3 Technical support provides application processing the subscriber related to the localization and elimination of problems in the framework provided by contract services.

1.4 Service and technical support advises on not programming, web design, customized scripts and programs of the subscriber and other similar issues.

1.5 When the subscriber accesses the Operator for technical support operator undertakes to perform the operation requested by the subscriber, only if the identification of the latter on the basis of the personal data specified by the subscriber at the conclusion of this Agreement ( email, the ticket-system).

1.6 In the case of the message by the subscriber incomplete or inaccurate information listed in paragraph 1.5 of this agreement, the operator has the right to deny a request for the requested operation.

1.7 Applications are processed in the order received. The maximum processing time of the application - 24 hours.

1.8 Extra application process of the subscriber associated with the change passwords issued to him in case of loss or theft, restart the equipment of a subscriber, in case of a failure in the software or hardware that caused partial or complete interruption of operation of subscriber services, recovery services operator directly related to the execution of this agreement.

1.9 All applications of the subscriber should be sent only by e-mail. The application must be accurately and clearly defined tasks that require execution.



2. The subscriber may not:


2.1 To use the hardware proxy, socks and other similar services, which are data backhaul.

2.2 To use the equipment for the purpose of providing services public service (for example, the public postal service, the service redirects and so on)

2.3 Send containing advertising information (spam) without the consent of the addressee. The term "Spam" is defined generally accepted "rules of use".

2.4 Post or transmit any information or software that contains viruses or other harmful components.

2.5 Send or publish any information which is, or is contrary to Russian or international law.

2.6 Send, publish, transmit, reproduce, distribute or in any way use the information, software or other materials obtained with violation of applicable law.

2.7. To send, publish, transmit, reproduce, or distribute in any way unlawfully obtained information, in whole or in part, is protected by copyright and/or related rights without the permission of the copyright owner.

2.8 Post or transmit pornographic images.

2.9 To advertise services, products, or other materials, the distribution of which is limited or prohibited by applicable law.

2.10 To publish or otherwise disseminate information about third parties, which do not correspond to reality, and in any way affect the honour and dignity of individuals or business reputation of legal persons.

2.11 To publish or use personal identification information (names, addresses, phone numbers, etc) of any third party, except where such parties have expressly authorized subscriber to such use.

2.12 To create a duplicate account, falsify the IP address, and the addresses used in other network protocols for sending data to the Internet.

2.13 To use non-existent return addresses when sending e-mails and other messages.

2.14 To carry out actions aimed at disrupting the normal functioning of the network elements of the Internet (computers, other equipment or software not owned by the subscriber.

2.15 To carry out actions aimed at obtaining unauthorized access to the network resource (computer, other equipment or information resource), subsequent use of such access, as well as the destruction or modification of software or data not owned by the user, without approval of the owners of this software or data or administrators of this information resource. Is considered as unauthorized any access way other than intended by the owner of the resource.

2.16 To carry out activities associated with the transfer of computers or equipment of third parties meaningless or useless information, which creates unwanted (parasitic) load on these machines or equipment, and intermediate portions of the network, in excess of the minimum required to verify the connectivity of networks and availability of individual items.

2.17 To perform actions associated with the scanning of the network nodes in order to identify the internal structure of networks, security vulnerabilities, list of open ports etc. without the explicit consent of the owner of the checked resource.

2.18 Mining cryptocurrency.

2.19 VPS are not allowed TDS (distribution systems) traffic.

2.20 The use of the software can adversely affect the health of the server, which leads to deterioration in the quality of services provided to other Subscribers.

2.21 To perform other actions not covered by this Agreement and this Annex, but contain elements of a criminal or administrative offence or violate the rights and legitimate interests of third parties.

2.22 ATTENTION! Administration web-resource www.cloudavt.com has the right to suspend the vps server after 24 hours from the moment of notification of the Subscriber, if it considers the use of vps for the purposes explicitly contradict legitimate work on the Internet. 


3. Rights and responsibilities of operator:


3.1 The operator has no control over the content of the e-mail address of the subscriber, however, in the case of claims by third parties, mailboxes, which became a source of problems, after the appropriate checks can be blocked.

3.2 The operator is not responsible for the content of sites created and maintained by the subscriber, and does not have any prior censorship, however, if the storage and dissemination of such information is contrary to the law, appropriate resources can be after a warning is disabled. In the case of a clear violation of law, the provision of the services may be suspended without prior notice. The operator reserves the right to monitor the content of information resources to the subscriber.

3.3 The operator may suspend the provision of services by the time required for routine maintenance on a technical platform, previously notifying the subscriber not less than 24 hours before the start of the works. Total time of unavailability of the equipment of a subscriber associated with compliance work should not exceed 5 hours per month.

3.4 The operator shall not be liable for claims of a subscriber of a connection to the Internet, related to the performance of the networks of other providers, policy exchange of traffic between providers, with the functioning of the hardware and software of the subscriber and other circumstances beyond its area of competence, influence and control of the operator.

3.5 The operator has the right to access the vps server Subscriber, in the case of consent by the Subscriber via the ticket system.

3.6 The operator has the right to disable vps server Subscriber for 3-12 hours for a negative impact on the primary server, that results in a significant deterioration in the quality of services provided to alert the Subscriber to the registered email. In case of repeated disconnection and warnings for negative impact on the server, the operator is entitled to refuse the provision of services rent vps unilaterally by notifying the Subscriber to the registered email. Money will be refunded according to p. 6.4 of this agreement.


4. Safety information:


4.1 The operator shall not be liable for any theft of passwords issued by the operator to the subscriber, but the subscriber demand produces rapid change passwords.

4.2 ATTENTION! The operator does not provide backup information posted on the equipment of the subscriber, unless otherwise specifically agreed in the Contract and its annexes.

4.3 The operator is not responsible for the actions of the subscriber, resulting in total or partial loss of subscriber information posted on the equipment.

4.4 If the terms of the Contract agreed service and backup of the data placed on the subscriber equipment, the parties shall determine the schedule backup based on the technical capabilities of the operator.


5. Software and hardware:


5.1 Placed the equipment must meet the technical requirements and safety requirements for electrical networks, requirements for equipment to be placed on the nodes.

5.2 The operator has the right to suspend, block or restrict further the use of the subscriber's equipment if operation of such equipment causes or may cause emergency situations, breach of security, breach of these terms or conditions of the Contract.

5.3 The operator does not guarantee the usability and compatibility of the software that is installed by the subscriber Equipment. All software can be installed and operated by the subscriber at your own risk, without warranty of any kind on the part of the operator.

5.4 The operator has the right to suspend, block or restrict the use BY the subscriber if the operation of such causes or may cause emergency situations, breach of security, breach of these terms or conditions of the Contract.

5.5 The company may suspend the services and servers Subscribers due to DDoS or other network attacks, up to 5 days.

5.6 The operator provides Internet channel bandwidth of 10 Mb/sec.


6. Refund:


If You are by any reason not satisfied with the quality of our services, we will refund You the money paid. There are a few conditions:

6.1 Funds are returned in clarifying the specific reasons by the Subscriber.

6.2 Funds are returned only if the Subscriber has not violate the rules of providing services P. 2.

6.3 Funds are returned in any way possible payment at this time.

6.4 Refund will be unspent funds for rental service of VPS based on full rest days or months (or years, in the case of annual payment) service.

6.5 You can request a refund by sending a formal request c registered in the system email at: info@cloudavt.com such requests will only be accepted from individuals or entities on whose behalf services are provided.

6.6 Funds will be returned upon request with these conditions.

6.7 Refund requests by phone, in discussion with other Subscriber requests will not be accepted.

By default, if a positive decision of the administration, a refund in the same way the payment was made and in the same amount (minus actually used tools, overhead and fee payment system).


7. The procedure of billing and alerts:


7.1 The estimated period between two weeks and more:


Billed to the Subscriber 10 days prior to the intended date of suspension VPS.

When placing a new account, the Subscriber is notified to the registered email.


Notification of the Subscriber for payment:


Notification within 5 days (if the account is not paid)

Notification for 1 day (if the account is not paid)


7.2 The settlement period of one week:


Billed to the Subscriber on the next day after activation VPS.

When placing a new account, the Subscriber is notified to the registered email.


Notification of the Subscriber for payment:


Notification within 5 days (if the account is not paid)

Notification for 1 day (if the account is not paid)


7.3 The settlement period of one day:


Billed to the Subscriber on the next day after activation VPS.

When placing a new account, the Subscriber is notified to the registered email.


8. Disable / remove VPS:


8.1 In case of not payment for prolongation of the term of the lease VPS server is suspended on the next day after the date specified as the "next payment date" in the Cabinet. Deleting VPS occurs 3 days after switching off.

8.2 ATTENTION! disable / Delete VPS are manufactured in fully automatic mode! Claims on security of information after removal of the vps will not be accepted.