FAQ / Enable RDP and change the network card


Manual for self-configuring vds/vps windows

Attention! Access via RDP is disabled by default. To connect to a remote desktop, it must be enabled manually. Our experts independently and quickly (20 min) after fees activate remote desktop. Wait for the message to the email with the access parameters! Do not perform any action, before will be able to connect to the server via VNC Protocol or via HTML 5


1. Enter the SolusVM control panel (login details will be sent to You by email after payment vps)


2. Go to vps management.


Then click VNC. The connection to the VNC Protocol requires the presence of JAVA on your PC. Read more

there are also available HTML connection 5 this connection does not require the presence of a JAWA.



Connecting to VNS Protocol requires the presence of JAVA on your PC. Read more here





After loading OS Windows 2012 enter the password You received by email (or enter your own password)





After loading the settings, go to SolusVM panel





Go to the Setting





Change the value Network Card с Virtio on Realtek 8139 Set





Go to the tab General and click on the Reconfigure Networking button and confirm the action (YES)







Next, you need to shut down the server, click Refresh status to be Ofline


Next, you will need to enable the server by clicking on the Boot button the status should change to Online





Then click on the VNC click on the button Send Ctrl+Alt+Del





Enter the password to connect





Next, we need to enable server Manager





Go to the Local tab in the server line of the Remote Desktop, click on Disabled





In the opened window we translate the state of the allow remote connections





In the opened window to confirm the action (OK) Then you need to remove the checkmark click Apply and OK





Next go to the tab All servers up to full load and back to the tab Local server





In line Remote Desktop Disabled state should change to Enabled. Everything is ready. Now you can connect to the server using remote desktop. If for any reason You are not able to generate these actions then you can ask for help we will set everything up it will take very little time. Write on info@cloudavt.com



The attached video manual