FAQ / Server resources and additional services

Dear customers due to maximum flexibility of the Configurator VDS/VPS, You can at any time one way or another to expand resources and/or the functionality of your virtual private server, VDS/VPS, "resources" include: the number of processor cores (CPU), memory (RAM), drive size (HDD). for this you need to write registered in the system email to info@cloudavt.com and specify what resources or services you need to increase or decrease. You will be billed in the personal account for services or resources after payment You will be allocated the ordered resources. Additional services or resources will be added in the monthly fee for VDS/VPS. To apply the new parameters VDS/VPS, you will need to restart the server so we use hardware-assisted virtualization KVM.

IMPORTANT! Hard drive you can ONLY increase!


Additional IP addresses (IPv4 and IPv6) for VPS/VDS servers

Each virtual server VDS/VPS initially has one individual IP address (IPv4). Additional IP addresses may need for example to host multiple sites with support for secure connections via SSL. Management of additional IP addresses is through the administration panel to SolusVM which is available to all customers - for free! We also provide IP addresses IPv6 also on 1 virtual server provided free of charge up to 10 IPv6. To order additional IPv6, you must send a request through the ticket system or any convenient communication channel.


    • Rate from 1 to 10 additional IPv4 - 150 rubles. More than 10 PCs, price is 100 rubles for 1 IPv4

    • Rate from 1 to 10 IPv6 addresses for Free! More than 10 pieces - price 5 rubles.