If for any reason you are not satisfied with the quality of our services, we will refund You the Deposit. While there are several conditions:


  • Funds are returned to the refinement of the specific reason on the Subscriber side.
  • Funds are returned only if the Subscriber does not violate the terms of service P.2.
  • Funds are returned in whatever way possible to pay at the moment.
  • Subject to return unspent funds for the rent VPS based on the full remaining days or months (or years, in the case of annual payment) service.
  • You can request a refund by sending a formal request from a logged-in email on: info@cloudavt.com such requests will only be accepted from individuals or entities on whose behalf services are provided.
  • Funds are returned upon request, with the implementation of these conditions.
  • The funds for the control panel (ISPmanager и Cpanel) will not be returned.

    By default, if a positive decision of the administration, the refund will be processed in the same way the payment was made and in the same volume (excluding funds actually used, overhead and fee payment system).