Choosing between the different control panels we settled on SolusVM, because of its safety, convenience, and also because of the integration with the user profile, making it an ideal companion for Your work. If You want to reinstall the OS or change it to a different version - You will be surprised how this simple process! And most importantly, to do this You can independently, without recourse to technical support. I hope this control panel VPS You will like it.



  • Multifunctional control panel SolusVM Solus Virtual Manager (SolusVM) is offered to You for Free!
  • Has a graphical interface and supports various types of virtualization, such as Xen, KVM.
  • Access to the SolusVM panel is activated when ordering servers.

The features of the control panel SolusVM:

  • Change OS from PC to mobile - with one click. Attention! When you start reinstalling the OS reported the new user's password!
  • Restart, shutdown and boot your virtual machines.
  • Change the name of the virtual server.
  • Manage multiple VPS from one panel.
  • Change the password for superuser (root).
  • Server management through the integrated console.
  • Manage lists of IP addresses.
  • Logs.
  • Graphics statistics.
  • Modify the contact information.