FAQ / Install a language pack on Windows 2012 OS


How to add language pack in Windows 2012

Go to Control Panel and go into the settings of languages


Add a language



Select Russian language



Russian language appeared in the list. Go to options in Russian language



Download and install language pack. The language pack is installed not fast!



After installation again go to Options and assign to Russian language - the default language.



After applying the settings will be asked to leave. Refuse!



Again, go to the Control Panel. At this time we need regional settings - Region



Tab Format. Here you can not change anything - the default is to use the primary language of the system, in our case - Russia (Russia)



Tab Location. Change the Home Location in Russia



Tab Administrative. Change the field Language for non-Unicode programs to Russian (Russia).



The setup wizard will offer to restart the server - I agree.


When you next login You will receive a fully Russified version of Windows Server 2012. Good job.

in case of any problem inform us at any convenient for you kind of communication.