It is a service of proper names dns-servers. This service is great for those who, registering a new domain name. Many registrars provide their own server, but some of them may not have, for example, some free hosting. So, when you register a domain name, you must register the dns-server, and you do not have them (not yet selected hosting), you can register on the relevant resources to provide these resources, the registrar server. With such a problem may encounter by registering second-level domain name.




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For reliable operation of the domain, you must have at least two DNS-servers that hold the Internet to requests for your domain (zone). DNS-server, where which is stored the full background information on the domain, called the primary (Primary) DNS-server. DNS-server is called secondary (Secondary), if he gets a full zone information from the primary or other secondary DNS-server. After ordering the service, DNS-server will be configured as the primary and secondary DNS-servers for your domain, and you will be given an opportunity to make a recording area of type A, MX. A domain name is used only by people for its convenience. Computers also communicate with each other by IP-address. So, after the assignment of our site domain name and all other Internet computers must know which IP-address this site you can find. This function is performed by DNS-server. DNS - (Domain Name System) - the domain name system, is designed to convert domain names into IP-addresses and vice versa - IP-addresses to domain names.  Therefore, when registering a domain name (or after registering the domain settings) in order to specify which hosting (IP-addresses) is attached our domain, you must add specific DNS-entries which provides Web hosting.


The most essential and mandatory - itis NS-record, that is, it is an indication of servers DNS, serving a given domain. Usually indicate more than two.

NS (name server) record in the main is:


ns1 – the name of the first server

ns2 – name of the second server – it is the domain of your host.

There are other records, the most common - itis A-record and MX-record.

A-record (Address) - defines the IP-address of the specified name. She points to the physical location of the site. When a virtual server with multiple sites will be one IP-address, at the same time to the same name can be linked set of servers (for example, load balancing).

MX-record (Mail eXchanger) - specifies the server to receive e-mail that comes to addresses in the specified domain (type "imya_yaschika" @ "domain".) If the domain is not registered MX-record, SMTP-server forwards the request to determine the IP-addresses of the domain (A-record), and mail is sent to this IP-address.