We offer rental VPS in highly reliable and secure data centers in Russia (Moscow, ul. Ostapovsky passage d.22 13). Technical platforms combined independent 10 Gigabit (10Gbps) optical data links that provide quick and fully redundant Internet connection. Along with the high-speed interconnect data centers have multiple network connections traffic exchange Russian MSK-IX, which allows for maximum optimal route passing traffic. The total bandwidth of 10 GB of external channels/c. To increase the reliability of the connection to the Internet using network equipment from leading manufacturers such as Cisco Systems and Juniper. All equipment is certified in technical complex system of certification of "Telecommunications", which once again confirms the quality of VPS hosting services.

  • 1. Power Category I safety (2 independent input from MosEnergo, own uninterruptible power supply);
  • 2. Industrial air conditioning and ventilation systems, which provides ongoing support required temperature, as well as the desired humidity level required for the most favorable conditions of work equipment. The air conditioning system is constructed so that even if a part of the cooling system does not lead to overheating of the equipment racks.
  • 3. electrostatic protected areas of data centers;
  • 4. The automatic gas to extinguish the fire (in the case of gas release, equipment damage caused will not be);
  • 5. CCTV systems with a record of events and round the clock armed protection buildings and adjacent areas, where the area of data centers;
  • 6. Around the clock person on duty administrators and network engineers;
  • 7. A system of monitoring of communication lines and serviceability of all components of the complex technical, which notifies of any deviation in the server and telecommunication systems.
  • All of the above characteristics enable us to provide customers with quality services traditionally.