FAQ / Change administrator password windows server 2012



How to change the administrator password in Windows Server 2012?


On a virtual server Windows Server 2012 the user can change the password in the RDP session using the key combination Ctlr + ALt + End.

This combination sends a combination Ctlr + ALt + Delete into the terminal window of the server on which to open menu Windows Security.



Left click on the Change password button to change the password of the current user.




In that case, if the user is working with a client with which it is impossible to send Ctlr + ALt + End (for example, uses a custom client or the user is working in a few rdp sessions), you can create a vbs file containing the following script code in VBScript:

set objShell = CreateObject("shell.application") objshell.WindowsSecurity


Executing this file (double-click or by running in command line: cscript changepassword.vbs) to open the Windows Security screen.


In Powershell this can be done like this: (New-Object -COM Shell.Application).WindowsSecurity()